Frizzante 1754 is an Italian semi-sparkling wine that is very much in vogue, often outselling champagne but more affordable and many would say tastes better. Produced 100% from Glera  grapes from the Vento region of Italy, this quality sparkling wine has a heavenly fruity aroma. Its fresh and light taste is deliciously delicate on the palate.

 The production of Frizzante 1754 requires a lot of care and patience as there are lots of phases to follow. Early hand-harvest of Glera grapes are gently pressed in special stainless steel tanks to release the juices from the heart of the grapes. The high quality juice is pressurised to 2.9 bars in kegs to produce a light sparkling wine. Due to its smoothness, Frizzante 1754 can be enjoyed throughout the day or night.

 I can provide Prosecco 1754 bottled, as well as frizzante 1754 kegs , a couple of special Al Fresco cocktails, served under an awning for an amazing price. Prosecco Al Fresco is here to offer you a bespoke selection service.

Prosecco Al Fresco complies with the 2009 EU Directive for the origin of Prosecco.

Prosecco 1754

Delicate fizz / Clean / Crisp Bouquet

This elegant bottle of Prosecco is 100% Glera Grape from the Veneto region of northern Italy. It is characteristics of a delicate fizz create a clean crisp bouquet.

Frizzante 1754

Refreshing / Crisp / Light

Italian sparkling wine from the Glera grape from the northern region of Italy served chilled straight from the back of the van form plastic kegs

Frizzenti Royale

Fruity / Fresh / Sweet

Our signature Italian cocktail is a classic blend of crème de cassis charged with Frizzenti. Delicious